I am available for physical treatments at your home.

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Phone  07816 486 603

Treatment Details

As a Shiatsu therapist I am able to read the body's energy and tailor the treatment according to what the body needs. The presenting problem of tension or discomfort through one meridian is only half of the story - there is also an underlying imbalance expressed through another meridian which needs addressing, and again this is what makes Shiatsu so unique, powerful and holistic. During the session I diagnose these two most out of balance meridians and the treatment then consists of connecting and balancing them by redirecting and encouraging energy flow. You as the receiver will lie on a futon or be seated in a chair and remain fully clothed.

The treatment will last for approximately 45-50 mins, with a few minutes before and after to discuss whatever comes up for you.

The first session will need to be 15 mins longer in order for me to obtain a detailed health history. This will help with diagnosis and to establish an overall energetic picture.

Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes.

"Shiatsu has not only helped me overcome my debilitating symptoms but shown me a better way to be and how with expert help, your body will heal itself. Thanks to Steph for her skill, knowledge, expertise and patience." - P.S.