About Me

Why I practice what I preach

After going through various trials and tribulations of life as we all do, I resolved to find the meaning of it all and to live my best life. This led to me leaving London, my home of 15 years and moving to St Leonards to live by the sea. I then discovered that the Shiatsu College was 5 minutes from my home and the reason for coming here began to unfold.

I loved and adored my Shiatsu training. It was investigative and exploratory and expansive. I learned so much, not least about myself. I became able to focus on the present instead of feeling weighed down by the past. Maybe most of all, I learned to care for myself.

Shiatsu is perfect for me. I love the energetic deliciousness of connecting with the universe and the physical aspect of applying pressure in certain areas to bring about a desired result appeals to my practical side.

My Shiatsu practice grew organically alongside my main job over the next 5 years. When I decided it was time for a career change, I asked my intuition what my path was and the answer was to teach Yoga. I studied Yoga at the Shiatsu College with Annie Cryar, the same wonderful teacher who had taught me Shiatsu and loved it just as much. My new life was born!

Yoga and Shiatsu have enabled me to make huge positive changes both in the structure of my life and in how I approach life and it's fundamentally empowering. I'm so inspired to find natural ways to optimum health and to deal with things at the root cause and Yoga and Shiatsu are the perfect ways to do this.

We build layers upon layers of tension and resistance throughout our lives, resulting in minor physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disturbances to begin with, then more serious situations arise if we lack the tools to deal with what's happening for us. Both Yoga and Shiatsu are those tools. They enable you to let go of the tension and allow energy to flow as it naturally wants to and to find the strength and wellbeing that was already there in the first place.

I am privileged to support people to help themselves in the most profound, practical and personal way through Yoga and Shiatsu. The joys in practicing and teaching Yoga and Shiatsu are innumerable. I love how they expand me in all directions, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am the calmest and most stable I have ever been and enjoying life the most I ever have. There is a simplicity to life now, and keeping on coming back to my connection to the earth and to the breath is instilled in me, and benefits me in all other aspects of my life.

I've also noticed my physical strength and flexibility improving. I'm understanding my body and how it likes to move more. Can it be possible that I'm the fittest I've ever been right now at the age of 54?! I love how Yoga and Shiatsu strengthens, stabilises, replenishes and energises all at the same time. The more I practice, the more I discover about myself, my body, my attitude, my willingness, my devotion to practice.

I so value that my Shiatsu training included Qigong, as this adds another dimension to my Yoga teaching. Qigong really helps to ground the feet and get the energy flowing. I can tell that it may have been the first time some students in the class feel their energy flow like that. How amazing that I am guiding them to discover it.