Shiatsu encourages self -care and understanding, and adopting of healthy and supportive daily practices such as good diet, exercise, meditation and connection to nature.

It's all about understanding the harmonious relationship between body, mind, spirit and environment, and about finding out how to re- establish that harmony once it is lost.

Shiatsu can treat a range of conditions and can get to the root cause of the problem by diagnosing and treating the imbalance. It's popular for muscular skeletal issues and back, shoulder, neck and hip pain. It is less well known for, but just as effective at treating nervous disorders, anxiety and other emotional issues, insomnia, migraines and headaches, digestive issues, skin problems, and general feelings of stress and exhaustion. This list could go on, as shiatsu benefits just about any condition. Shiatsu is especially helpful for conditions which can be difficult to diagnose or treat with Western medicine, such as Fibromyalgia or MS.

Shiatsu is often sought out as an intervention when something has gone wrong and it is highly effective for this, but prevention is better than cure, and Shiatsu is brilliant at this! A monthly treatment can stabilise and support wellbeing.

It's all too easy for energy to become stuck, stagnant or deficient, or even to rebel and go against its natural direction as in a condition like acid reflux. This can leave you feeling out of control and powerless as you struggle to understand why your body is behaving this way. I've found from experience with treating both clients and myself that Shiatsu always has the answer.

I've treated a myriad of conditions from back pain to urinary retention to menopausal symptoms, anxiety and depression and every single one has responded in a positive way to treatment. At the very least you will feel calmer, more at home in your body and more than likely sleep better. I have had clients cancel operations because their symptoms improved with Shiatsu.

Western medicine treats the symptoms but all too often ignores the cause. This gives some relief but the underlying problem still simmers away. Then sometimes the side effects of the medication can be almost as bad as the symptoms its treating. Shiatsu can help reduce dependency on medication because it treats the root cause of the condition.

Shiatsu is a safe and gentle physical therapy that supports and strengthens the body's natural ability to heal and balance itself whatever the imbalance.

"I can highly recommend Stephanie as an intuitive shiatsu practitioner. I had a wonderful treatment and not only was it a very relaxing and enjoyable experience but I am sure she released a blocked channel and sorted out a problem I had had for some time." - J.W.